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About Us

Backed to significant Natural Gas Resources and well-spread natural gas pipeline around the country, Iran has been developing CNG industry as an alternative fuel, especially in transportation sector, within around recent 20 years.

By continued growth in CNG filling stations network, OEM CNG Vehicle, after-market conversion centers and local manufacturing capabilities for parts and equipment, Iran is one of the leading countries in CNG industry around the world.

Iran’s Alternative Fuels Union commenced work in 2016 by collaboration of local CNG industry players and currently includes around 300 Conversion Workshop, 1400 Technical Service Center, 300 Cylinder Test Center and around 80 local parts and equipment manufacturers.

The Union has a great role in passing needful legislations to promote CNG industry as well as increasing safety level, especially in after-market conversion sector. In Iran, out of around 5,000,000 CNG vehicles, around 1,720,000 vehicles are after-market converted and 3,280,000 vehicles are OEM. Considering significant quantity of after-market vehicles which is still growing, the Union has been always paying close attention to this sector.

Union’s key activities and responsibilities in cooperation with Governmental Authorities:

  • Issuing Business License for CNG Conversion Workshops, Technical Service Centers and Cylinder Test Centers around the country
  • Issuing Safety Certificate for CNG converted Cars by running technical inspections in the authorized Technical Service Centers
  • Developing Iran’s NGV industry management system and data base on IRNGV.ir including records of all CNG vehicles, part manufacturers, conversion workshops, technical service centers, …
  • Supporting conversion workshops to prepare needful infrastructures and facilities to be qualified for receiving Business License as well as connecting to the IRNGV system
  • Collaboration on passing governmental legislations for legalizing after-market conversion in order to convert more vehicles which are not originally dual fuel (OEM)
  • Cooperation and consultation on preparing National Standard for after-market conversion to be issued by Iran National Standard Organization
  • Collaboration on passing governmental legislations for promoting safety and technical requirements of conversion centers, filling stations and converted vehicles